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PROIV is an Application Platform, trusted by Software Houses and Organisations around the world to deliver complex, mission critical applications quickly and securely across a wide range of markets and environments.





Make Your Vision a Reality

Use the PROIV Framework to accelerate your software projects.

Our technology enables developers to build enterprise applications faster and maintain them more easily. Applications developed around the PROIV Framework are robust, scalable, and efficient at every stage of development.
Focusing on business logic, rather than the mechanics of transactions, means that changes to functionality is simpler and more effective. Less time is spent writing and optimising low level mundane functions and also less time is spent tracking down bugs. The time proven and highly optimized code inherent in the PROIV Framework means your next project will be built on the best foundation available.
In a competitive environment, the simplicity and productivity gained by using a platform such as PROIV ensures that your organisation can respond to market changes faster and deploy new ideas earlier – increasing your competitive advantage and ensuring you stay ahead of the competition. 

Software Houses                                                                             Enterprises

Time to market is a crucial element in the                                    Respond faster to market and legislative change,
success of a product, the PROIV Framework                              new customer initiatives and competitive response.
enables you to execute your ideas as a final
product quickly and easily.




Maximise your Existing Resources

Make the most of your existing team and infrastructure to deliver outstanding results.

Write once, deploy across numerous operating systems, browsers and databases without any loss of functionality providing unparalleled investment protection. This is a benefit that grows through the life of an application and can add significant value to the output of your organisation.
The PROIV Framework easily transfers to the skills of JAVA developers and integrates with various comparable technologies. Our Service Orientated Architecture neatly fits in with your existing software infrastructure.

Software Houses                                                                                Enterprises

By reducing the initial costs of development,                                 Transform your IT operation into a source of competitive
you are free to utilise your financial reserves                                 advantage by progressing commercial initiatives into
in marketing and promotion.                                                              deployed systems faster than your competition.

Take advantage of the portability of the
PROIV Framework to help you reach the
widest audience.


Future Proof your Investment

Technology will change and the PROIV Framework will grow with you in the future.

With a proven heritage based on portability, the PROIV Platform has already proved an invaluable asset to many organisations as they have evolved their technology stacks and leveraged newer and more powerful operating systems. The PROIV Framework allows you to insulate your business processes from the costs and risks associated with migration projects, whilst still enabling you to take advantage of the commercial and technical advantages of the latest infrastructure.
From mainframe through to standalone PC, and pretty much every platform in between, there is an edition of PROIV to meet your needs.

Software Houses                                                                              Enterprises

Write once and immediately deploy to an                                     Designed to elegantly fit within your SOA
extensive range of supported platforms.                                        architecture, but with portability across
PROIV means that your next blockbuster                                      a wide range of industry leading server and
project can reach a bigger audience with                                     database infrastructure, the PROIV
no incremental development costs.                                                Framework works hard to protect your
                                                                                                               investment. Spend your budget on innovation
                                                                                                               not re-work.



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